A New Generation for a New Ukraine

Comprehensive Campaign

The Comprehensive Campaign of the
Ukrainian Catholic University

The Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) is an open academic community, which grew out of the intellectual and spiritual achievements of Ukrainian national leaders Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky and Cardinal Josyf Slipyj. Today, the university is placing before itself the ambitious goal of fostering a new generation of professionally educated leaders possessing Christian brotherly love and a sense of social responsibility.
UCU is a not-for-profit post-secondary institution, which does not receive any government funding in Ukraine. The university can function, grow, and realize its purpose thanks only to its many supporters world-wide.

BG_5                Bishop Borys Gudziak, President of UCU

“UCU provides a moral example to all of Ukrainian society. It is the leading educational and research institution in Ukraine, on the avant-garde of social change. Because it is independent, it unites Ukrainians. The financial support which UCU receives from all over the world reinforces and, in fact, enables this freedom. In the name of the entire academic community of UCU, of the Church, and of the Ukrainian people, I appeal to you to support this Comprehensive Campaign. In this new Ukraine, the university has new challenges before it, and the campaign will ensure a glorious future for this mighty institution.”

European and North American universities regularly undertake major fundraising campaigns, but in Ukraine this is something new. For UCU, this Comprehensive Campaign is firstly a joint fundraising and informational effort, which will allow us to raise funds for specially defined purposes, of which there are many: the creation of new academic programs; the construction of modern academic buildings, a collegium (residence), and a library and information resource center; the establishment of endowments for funding scholarships for worthy students and graduates, and for academic grants.


taras-dobko-31-200x300                  Taras Dobko, Senior Vice-Rector of UCU:

“By increasing the number of specialized educational programs, we guarantee the successful development of the university. Every year, UCU is becoming more and more competitive within educational circles: our bachelor’s programs in history, theology, social pedagogy, psychology; master’s programs in journalism and media-communications, and history (for which UCU graduates receive two diplomas: Ukrainian and Polish, or Ukrainian and German); the creation of post-graduate programs in theology and history, and the expansion of our existing research institutes; establishes us as the leading institution of higher learning of the humanities in Ukraine.”

UCU launched its Comprehensive Campaign in 2010, just as construction of its new student campus began. After four years of “silent” preparation and fundraising, UCU is now launching the public phase of the Campaign, and invites everyone to participate and support the UCU community.

The goal of the Comprehensive Campaign is 65.5 million dollars. Since 2010, we have received donations and pledges in the amount of $45,525,000. This leaves us with approximately 30% of funding still to be raised by the end of the Campaign. The university strives to invite as many people as possible, not only from Ukraine but from all over the world, to join in this fundraising effort.

dsc_7855-199x300              Natalia Klymovska,  Vice Rector for Development and Communications:

“Since its renewal, the Ukrainian Catholic University has engaged the support of thousands of friends all over the world, who have collectively raised millions of dollars to support its academic programs and students. We promise honesty, transparency and accountability in the application of these funds. For our entire university community, openness and honesty are not only words, but a way of life, a desire to change Ukraine right now, and not sit idly by. We have initiated this Comprehensive Campaign in order to see projects that we have put in motion to their conclusion, and to ensure the permanent financial stability of the University.”

More than 70% of the needed funds have been received from major benefactors. However, UCU is a Ukrainian university developing Ukrainian education, and so it is important for that all of Ukrainian society is engaged in the realization of this historic project, which is so vital to the future of Ukraine.


images12          Yaroslav Rushchyshyn, UCU Senate Member, General Director of Trottola Company, Lviv:

I have always dreamed of supporting a university that provides a high-quality education. UCU is just such a university, where students receive a European education, can grow in multi-faceted ways, and create a unique student life atmosphere. UCU is cultivating the future of Ukraine.”