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Scholarships for Students of the UCU


  • The actual cost for academic year at the Ukrainian Catholic University is $ 3,300*, which is an average cost of study for Ukrainian universities;
  • The tuition fee that UCU students pay for one academic year is 25% of the actual total cost;
  • Since UCU is not subsidized by Ukrainian government, the university looks for support from philanthropic and charitable foundations, institutions, and private donors.





Yearly scholarship “Plus +”

$ 6 000

Covers tuition and the entire cost of educating one student, plus housing in the UCU Collegium (residence), meals, books, school supplies and transportation for one year.



“UCU, for me, is a special place for generating ideas, formulating opinions, and exchanging knowledge. And the scholarship for academic success is a great motivation for gaining knowledge diligently. Financial aid helps to create an environment for students who have a special motivation to get a high-quality education»

Iryna Dobrohorska;  2nd year,  History DSC_0692

Yearly scholarship

$ 3 300

Covers tuition and the entire cost of educating one student for one year.



“Ukrainian Catholic University is a school of European standard in Ukraine. Everyone is able to exchange their ideas and get a quality college education. The atmosphere in the university is filled with honesty and trust. This sponsor scholarship has motivated me to even more attentively study and everyday improvement of myself. I hope to honor and uphold the expectations the scholarship has placed in me”.


RZP_3108    Nazar Kasperskyy;  2nd year,  Philosophy and Theology faculty

Semester scholarship

$1 650

Covers tuition and the entire cost of educating one student for one semester.



First of all, scholarships are the gift of love and trust to UCU and its students. Today it is extremely important to feel your worth, to know that someone depends on you to do right. It is equally valuable to understand that at UCU there are people who care about your future and who are truly and sincerely happy when you achieve success and who are ready to support and help you in your efforts. This is what I have understood and felt while studying at the Ukrainian Catholic University

Natalia Katola; 3rd year, Social pedagogy unnamed


Ph.D. Fund in memory of Bohdan Solchanyk

$ 150 000

The Ukrainian Catholic University is establishing the first Ph.D. Scholarship in memory of its lecturer, Bohdan Solchanyk, hero of the Heavenly Hundred. The Ph.D. Scholarship named after Bohdan Solchanyk will be awarded every four years to the best Ph.D. student writing a Ph.D. thesis on an interdisciplinary subject. For establishing the scholarship in perpetuity named after Bohdan Solchanyk, UCU needs $150,000. 

Make your own contribution and join in the creation of a new generation of scholars and public leaders today, who will continue the work of Bohdan Solchanyk and the Heavenly Hundred!   


Bohdan Solchanyk, a young scholar and lecturer at UCU, was killed by a sniper at the Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kiev on the 20th of February 2013 during the Revolution of Dignity. Bohdan was preparing his Ph.D. thesis “Electoral Practices in a Small Western Ukrainian City, 1965-2006”. From the first days of Euromaidan, Bohdan Solchanyk was among those activists who defended their right to dignity in a peaceful way and protested against the Yanukovych regime. 

Yaroslav Hrytsak, a leading historian of Eastern Europe, defines Bohdan like this: “Now we can only imagine, how far he could have come in his scholarly career. Foreign scholars would have had to learn his surname to properly pronounce it at international scholarly conferences. His list of publications would be long and rich in important works. He would have had a good life and honored recognition. All this will not happen. The bullet ended his life”.

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