A New Generation for a New Ukraine

About the University Campus

Новий Презентація Microsoft Office PowerPoint (3)The general plan of the University Campus

The Ukrainian Catholic University is building a contemporary university campus which will become a center of research in the humanities and social sciences. The new campus will provide a high-quality intellectual, religious and social environment for our students and teachers and the citizens of Lviv. It will be a place where a new generation of young people will be brought up, people who will be able to meet today’s practical challenges and develop themselves while at the same time putting principles of social responsibility into action.

In 2001 Pope John Paul II consecrated a plot of land that was the starting point for the construction of the new campus of the Ukrainian Catholic University. This land is in a “green zone” between one of Lviv’s biggest parks and the city’s historical center. One can walk to the city center from this location. Or one can drive to the city’s main bus station in 10 minutes or the airport and train station in 15 minutes.

In 2012 hundreds of students moved into a new residence that was built according to the highest world standards.

In 2013 the university opened the new Multifunctional Academic Building, which expanded its educational horizons and has become the site for some new programs. Architects who have planned dozens of university campuses in North America, Japan, and Europe are helping us create a modern university campus with no counterpart in Ukraine.

The construction of the Church of St. Sophia and the Spiritual-Pastoral Center has already started. This will be the university’s spiritual center.

UCU has an ambitious plan for opening a new Information-Resource Center, which will provide new possibilities for training, group work, and research for students, teachers, and guests and residents of the city.

This project is being supported by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, civil authorities of the city and region, and benefactors from Ukraine, Western Europe, and North America who believe that Ukraine needs this kind of university.

Prof. Gerald Gast developed the general architectural plan for the campus.