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Served as Secretary of the Commission of Social Affairs of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches, and Member of the National Council Fighting Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDs (2006-2012.)

Deputy Head (2010-2013) and now Head (2014-present) of the Civil Council at the Ministry of Health on Questions of Cooperation with the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations.

Currently Vice-President of Caritas (Ukraine), Director of Social Affairs at the Patriarchal Curia, and Assistant Pastor at the Patriarchal Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection in Kyiv.

“Studying at UCU really made you come out of your comfort zone, and this is very important for growth.”

IREX fellow while at UCU. Received a scholarship for graduate studies at Harvard University (MA, Regional Studies: Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia), where she was President of the Harvard Ukrainian Society.

Interned at the Embassy of Ukraine to the United States (2012); worked at QRI International, an oil consulting company in Houston, Texas (2013-2015); and consulted for the World Bank. Actively volunteer at the Ukraine United Foundation in Texas.

Currently pursuing an MBA at Oxford University (Said Business School.)

“UCU taught me to imagine what seemed to be impossible and make it happen. I learned to respect my own values and work hard. I aspire to get the best education and invest back in my Alma Mater and my home country.” 

Graduated from UCU’s L’viv Business School (MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship).

Nominee of the Open World Program organized by the American Councils for International Education, funded by the U.S. Congress.

Focuses on e-government, e-city and “Smart City” approaches to city government and management. Became a director of a Lviv City Council department at the age of 23.

“UCU’s Lviv Business School is a unique and incomparable environment, where one can learn applied business theory in the environment of spiritually strong, free people.”  

Progressed from Program Manager at Convictus Ukraine; to Executive Director at the International HIV/AIDs and Tuberculosis Institute; to Team Leader at the Foundation for the Development of Ukraine.

During the EuroMaidan, she was an active volunteer at EuroMaidan SOS and the Maidan Victims Assistance Center “Maidan Family.”

In 2014 became Deputy Chief of Party at Deloitte (Ukraine).

“UCU gave me an education that was so multifaceted and of such high quality that in my work now I feel no lack of knowledge or experience and have a great desire to serve others and prove by my own example that someone can make a difference…”

Communications Manager of LZHV (Lyudy shcho zhuvut z VIL – People Living with AIDS) (2008-2014), an NGO in Kyiv.

Currently Director and Expert of Communications Support for the civic initiative Reanimation Package of Reforms at the Center UA, an NGO which serves as a platform for all civic initiatives in Kyiv.

Frequent guest expert at various media portals and newspapers, including Hromadske TV, Channel 5, Ukrainian Pravda and Kyiv Post.

“UCU is a huge buffet of ideas and opportunities. It is up to you what you put on your plate and eat… I came from a small village school and it is thanks to UCU that I am where I am now.”

Worked at the L’viv City Council (Manager and Director of the Department of Tourism and Recreation, 2007-2009) and the Center for Cultural Management in L’viv (Program Manager, 2011-2014).

Founded the Association of Cultural Industries, an NGO supporting cultural and art industries in L’viv. One of its projects is transforming old industrial factories into cultural centers, the first such is the Factory of Jam, a cultural center on the site of a neglected factory in Lviv.

“For me the Ukrainian Catholic University was the ideal place to test myself out: all the conditions are here to discover your talents and realize your possibilities. It’s a very unique laboratory in which to ‘know yourself.’

After UCU, Volodymyr earned a degree from the Central European University in Budapest (M.A., 2005). Business Development Manager at the Greenfield Alliance (2007-2008); Senior Agent at the Investment Consultancy and Brokerage, DTZ (2010-2013), and later Associate Director (2013).

Currently Director of Capital Markets, DTZ Ukraine, Kyiv (now merged with Cushman & Wakefield).

“While thinking of UCU, I remember a community of students and professors who created an environment of zeal to study and to improve oneself and the world around.”

Obtained a Licentiate in Psychology from the Papal Gregorian University in Rome (2011), where she also completed a residence in psychotherapy (2012).

After returning to Ukraine in 2012, initiated and teaches workshops for the superiors of religious orders and training for finance managers of religious orders. She also conducts a psychotherapy practice for consecrated persons.

Since 2013, she is the Superior of the Community of Redemptorist Sisters in Ukraine.

“UCU for me has always been an environment which motivated a brave search and critical thinking, an environment which led me to experience deep joy from being around people who just like me searched for life’s deeper meaning.”

Joined Kraft Foods-Mondelez International as Communications Coordinator, and became its Director of Corporate and Government Affairs – Ukraine and Emerging Markets of Eastern Europe and Central Asia (2010-2014).

After EuroMaidan, co-founded DreamKyiv, an NGO enabling Kyiv residents to take initiative in the management of their city.

Now serves as Advisor to the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“One of the most important things for me as an UCU student was understanding that you are in an environment focused on the real and living God, in a community which searches for and finds Him … and that the student’s dignity is respected and important.”

Chief Consultant at the Secretariat of the President (2005-2006), and Director of International Projects at the National Academy at the Office of the President (2006-2012). In 2012, she launched her own company, Olha Bosak Management Consulting, consulting for a variety of private, public and international clients. During the recent war in Ukraine, co-founded the Ukrainian Freedom Fund, supporting the security and defense of Ukraine.

“It is a school which gives you a clear understanding about your responsibility for your own life. UCU is unique because this is a place where you learn to make decisions based on moral grounds.”
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